Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hello friends and acquaintances,

Let me tell you about webquests!  Why there is so much information out there about web-quests that it will boggle the mind of the most techno-savvy beast.  Most of it, however, is only a virtual dead-end street.  Most web-quests appear to be the product of a college technology class assignment and are a virtual afterthought when it comes to being adequately prepared to stimulate and engage an actual audience.  I mean, take this WebQuest, for instance.

You will find there one of the most disgusting WebQuests ever designed or an attempt at designing.  I hope that this student did not receive a passing grade.

Now, on the flip side take a look at this WebQuest where you will find one of the absolute best WebQuests out there.  This person has carefully extracted information and made this right there for the reader.  It is so engaging and purposefully lays everything out in solid details.  They even put arrows in pointing to the sidebar where you can go to the next tab.  In genius. 

Finally, I hope you will take some time to journey with me on my WebQuest as I take 11th grade students on a journey of decision making about careers, a wonderful automotive company, and their investment in the future.  This is a WebQuest designed to force the student to produce results that will challenge them and keep them engaged throughout the entire process.  I have supplied all of the needed sits right within the WebQuest to keep them from surfing the web and keep them squarely focused on the assignment.  Please honor me with your feedback. 

There is so much information out on the web.  Please be very careful to make sure that you are attaching URLs and sites that will not leave students at a complete dead end.  Too much time is wasted and unproductive if we cannot produce a product that will lead our students in a successful direction.  One of the biggest challenges I faced this week was with where to start.  What a great assignment?  I loved doing this assignment.  I am hooked and now I will be developing webquests for all occasions and everything basically.  I was unable to have a questgarden 30 day free account.  I'm not sure why but I'm going to guess it is because I am using a MacBook in an Apple environment and it's not compatible.

I enjoyed reading my classmates' discussion posts this week and seeing what intrigues them.  We have such a creative group of virtual learners.  The remainder of the 21st Century is in good hands.   On a personal note, I dressed my baby doll boy for yet another homecoming dance, this one at his school.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  

I hope you enjoyed my week as much as I did.  May God bless you and hold you firmly in the palm of His hand.  Peace and blessings.

Miss Bee 

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