Tuesday, October 9, 2012

53302_Harrett_BlogWk8 A Little Early Start

Greetings friends,

I know I am getting a little early start on the week but I did want to go ahead and get a jump start on finishing up this eighth and final week.  This has to have been one of my all time favorite educational experiences.  It was a short and sweet term filled with loads of information, lots of informative assignments, never short on conversation and fellowship, and a sure bet to spark one's curiosity.  Dr. Cristine Goldberg is a Web 2.0 technology genius.  She knows exactly what can go wrong and how to prevent it ahead of time.  For that, I am very thankful.  I like to say that she has taken all of these sites for a test drive and now we can claim ownership.  All joking aside, it's been a wonderful start to my graduate school experience.

This week we will focus on developing our own idea toolkit.  This toolkit, if well thought out, and developed over time will prove to be beneficial to us as educators in a number of critical situations.  Having a continual focus on visual literacy I know that our students will benefit as well.  She developed sets of pictures that peaked our interest, stirred our curiosity, and made us laugh.  One thing I picked up from her sharing is that we should never leave home without our teaching credentials and our digital camera.  You just never know when an opportunity will present itself for you to begin to develop visual literacy sets.

We continued discussion on the brain and much valuable discussion came from that.  It is actually senseless not to incorporate all that we have learned in this area into our lesson plans and into our teaching.  Our students can benefit from this, we can certainly receive huge benefits and rewards from this knowledge, and our families will certainly share some of the benefit as well.

Once again, we're doing blog reviews, so I hope that I've characterized my blog in a way that is pleasing to every reader and made it visually appealing for all.  On a more personal note, today I got the privilege of taking my 16 year old to get his driver's permit and boy he wants to drive everywhere literally in one afternoon.  I need a break! I'm just joking.  He's been a real trooper and I believe that he's going to be a great driver, just like his big sister.  This is the culmination of all of those things that we do to nurture our kids.  It all starts to work towards their independence and our letting go.  He's my last one at home so I'm cherishing every moment of this.  Now, that's a very happy child, wouldn't you agree?

Have an awesome week.  Pictures to come soon.

Peace and blessings, Belinda Harrett
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