Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 2 Student Teaching

Greetings everyone,

I am back to report about another wonderfully charged day (9/4/13) of student teaching.  Today I was able to experience a PLC or grade level meeting with the school Principal and Assistant Principal.  We learned about reading and interpreting MAP test results for students and how to interpret a growth plan. I was able to observe a third grade student being administered the Woodcock Johnson test.  I experienced co-teaching for the first time with a small group of students in Reading. My assistance was needed as a reader for a common assessment in Social Studies for a fifth grade class.

A new area for me was the introduction of System 44.  It looks like I will be given the responsibility to teach a small group of six students in the instructional phase and the differentiation phase of System 44. I am now reviewing trainer notes and the teacher's manual in order to begin to prepare effective lesson plans for review by my Cooperating Teacher.  It's only the second day and she already has confidence in me to lead this group beginning next week.  I don't know if I should be nervous but I'm not.

I also enjoyed working with a small group in third grade reading and math as well as small groups and assisting with whole fifth grade classes in math and social studies where needed.  It has been a jam packed day filled with lots of new and exciting adventures.  I am already looking forward to tomorrow.

The third graders were working on polygons and I thought this was an interesting tool for recalling some polygons.

I hope that your day was filled with opportunities to learn.
Peace and blessings, Mrs. H.

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