Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 1 Student Teaching


What an awesome start to the first day (Tuesday, 9/3/13) of sixteen weeks of student teaching.  I am so excited and I am equally as "happy" as the faculty and staff at Beechgrove Elementary School where I have begun my student teaching experience.  The link below is a featured photo of the faculty and staff "happily" returning to start a brand new school year. (See Page A4)

Beechgrove Elementary School

As I began my new experience, I didn't realize that I would be so filled with questions.  The morning was kicked off with a regularly assigned bus duty.   Immediately everything was "new" all over again.  It didn't take long after jumping right in with both feet to observations, participations, and even some co-teaching experiences with my cooperating teacher, Suzanne Smith.  Then off to an RTI - SAT meeting for a working lunch.  With schedule changes and planning changes it was easy to see how flexible a teacher must be.   The day ended with a staff meeting that I was excused from because I wasn't aware that it would be scheduled and plans were not made for me to attend.   It will be very easy to get used to an 8:20 am start with a 3:31 end, a very welcoming staff, and a beautifully adorned school that is immaculately clean.  Finally, the students made me feel like I had been there since the beginning of time.

Some technical questions came up today about the program for my cooperating teacher.  She needed to know how to access the co-teaching training module in Elluminate and the Personnel Director needed my FBI background check, physical examination, and TB test results.  Both were addressed with University personnel.

Looking forward to the next 34 days of this!
Mrs. H

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